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Pulling off verges with incredible efficiency

BankettLöffel® - The flexible and efficient all-rounder

Flexible use
High efficiency
Extremely robust

The specialist for well-maintained roadsides

Entirely from Hardox, the BanketttLöffel® bucket is not only robust and durable, but also very flexible: the removable cover enables it to be used not only in front of and behind the crash barriers, but also directly underneath to create an evenly maintained surface. For great stability and durability, the BankettLöffel® bucket is deliberately open on just one side.

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High efficiency through drag operation

Optimised material flow ensures significant increases in performance


The external frame eliminates the need for reinforcements on the inside of the bucket, so that an optimum material flow is achieved there, which increases the working speed. The BankettLöffel®, which is available in two cutting widths of 1200 and 1400 mm, is used with excavators of up to 10 and 14 tonnes in drag mode and therefore achieves a very high output. The BankettLöffel® therefore amortises itself within a very short time.

Unbeatable mobility

In conjunction with endless rotation of the RotoTop® significantly more metres are drawn off


In combination with our RotoTop® rotary drive, the BankettLöffel® bucket becomes an exceptionally flexible attachment and reaches all areas beside the road to create a uniform surface. Thanks to the great mobility provided by the 360° rotation, the bucket does not have to be constantly repositioned, but can be held in position along the road, so that significantly more metres can be processed in less time, which massively increases efficiency.


The Effectiveness of our BankettLöffel®

Great Robustness

Made from Hardox, the bucket is robust and durable and is deliberately open on one side for greater stability.

Constant Work Rhythm

Combined with the RotoTop®, the BankettLöffel® bucket becomes an extremely flexible attachment that can achieve a high output per metre per hour in front of, behind and under the crash barrier.


Thanks to the use of Hardox in combination with the robust design that leaves the bucket open on just one side, the BankettLöffel® offers a long service life.

Cost Savings

The BankettLöffel® bucket reduces maintenance costs, as more metres can be proceed in less time.

The BankettLöffel®´s range of application

As a specialist for well-maintained roadsides, the BankettLöffel® supports all those who have to cover many metres in a short space of time to ensure cost-effective maintenance of verges.

Road construction and maintenance / motorway maintenance depots

Effective attachment tool for maintaining the verge in front of, behind and under crash barriers along motorways, roads, paths and access roads.

Municipal enterprises

Local authorities have to maintain many kilometres of roads and paths, which also includes effective maintenance of the verge. The BankettLöffel® ensures maximum efficiency and performance here.


Quick and easy download of the most important documents and information on our BankettLöffel® bucket:


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