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Wood cutting from 3 mm to 20 cm

CutWheel® - The variable wall and hedge trimmer

Extremely powerful
Enormous flexibility

Economical cutting and sawing

CutWheel® cannot be compared with the familiar hedge trimmers, as it can easily handle shrubs with diameters from 3 mm to 20 cm. The attachment, which is controlled entirely from the cab, does not only cut with its counter blade but also saw. Mounted on the excavator, CutWheel® works at a height of up to six metres, meaning that an expensive working platform is no longer necessary for the maintenance of trees and large hedges.

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Economical cutting and sawing

Powerful and convenient in use


CutWheel® offers two possibilities: using one cutting direction, the CutWheel® cuts twigs and thin branches with a diameter of 3 to 50 mm; in the opposite direction, it cuts branches from 50 to 200 mm. To obtain best performance, the attachment can be continuously adjusted to different sizes so that hedges and trees with different diameters can be processed alternately. This leads to an almost unrivalled working speed for pruning and therefore high efficiency.

A high level of safety

No need to leave the cabin to make adjustments


The aim of work such as cutting clearance profiles at the roadside is to achieve a workflow that is as continuous as possible despite the varying nature of the vegetation. This is made possible by the fact that CutWheel® can be adjusted to the correct size from the driver's seat. On the other hand, work safety is of particular importance here: the machine operator does not have to leave the cab to make adjustments, which significantly increases safety on roads and paths.

Our CutWheel®`s effectiveness

Great Robustness

The robust cutting wheel, made of fine-grained steel, works in two directions and thus easily processes diameters from 3 mm to 20 cm.

Constant Work Rhythm

As the cutting and sawing direction and diameter can be adjusted from the cab work does not have to be interrupted.


Made in Germany – CutWheel® was designed for use with the excavator and is therefore correspondingly robust.


The stepless adjustment of CutWheel® from the cab ensures great work safety - the operator does not have to leave the machine.

Cost Savings

Significant savings due to the fact that CutWheel® on the excavator replaces a working plattform - the CutWheel® substitutes various machines and even manual labour in this way: the robust design also allows the operator to push the material lying on the ground as if with a broom.

Convincing cutting pattern

As the CutWheel® does not saw, but "squeezes" the wood in both cutting directions, the wood fibres are not torn open as with a conventional saw blade. The result is a smooth cut that prevents fungal infestation.

The CutWheel®´S range of application

CutWheel® not only makes the use of other machines unnecessary, it also replaces a lot of manual labour wherever hedges, shrubs and trees need to be maintained.

Gardening and landscaping

As a highly effective duo with the RotoTop®, CutWheel® helps to keep large hedges in shape without great effort.

Road construction and maintenance

CutWheel® is an ideal attachment for anyone who creates and maintains roads and paths, including roadside shrubs and hedges.


CutWheel® is the practical tool for forestry companies working in and around the forest to keep high shrubs and forest edges as well as the clearance profile in shape.

Municipal enterprises

Economical attachment for municipal companies that have to maintain the planting of roadsides and paths.


Quick and easy download of the most important documents and information on our CutWheel®:


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