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"Holp Revolution" as remedy to cost pressure

Murrhardt-Fornsbach, 16.10.2023


"Holp Revolution" as remedy to cost pressure

Dealers in England, Northern Ireland and Wales sell rotary drive RotoTop

The idea of pure rotation is currently very well received in Great Britain: Not only have several RotoTops been sold in a short time by dedicated dealers, but the first job reports have already appeared in the English trade press. Among other things, there are reports of the "Holp Revolution", because the RotoTop saves a massive amount of time, manpower and fuel.

One attaches the RotoTop to the excavator - and it works immediately. This fact and the possibility to save a lot of time, manpower, fuel and thus to work much more efficiently is currently exciting British contractors. Some users are disappointed with other systems due to electronic problems or have not used rotary drives at all. Similarly, finding suitable skilled workers and countering the rising inflation and costs with an effective solution is also a major issue in the UK.

Idea inspires British dealers and customers

After the first contact of the Northern Irish company AJ Armstrong and its CEO Andrew Armstong with the Holp team at bauma 2022, everything happened very quickly: Armstrong came to Murrhardt for talks shortly afterwards  with his English business friend Jason McCullough from MPS Southwest. This was soon followed by the first orders and a second visit to Holp's test arena including service training, which not only carried away the CEOs but also their employees: Managing Director Günter Holp and his team were able to inspire the visitors at the various testing stops of their test arena with the multitude of applications of the RotoTop. The opportunity to put all the other attachments through their paces did the rest. The highly motivated teams from Armstrong and MPS Southwest achieved their first sales successes soon after their return; numerous RotoTop have already been sold to end customers and more have been ordered from Holp.

A genious duo for savings: RotoTop and Leica control system

MPS Southwest Ltd. from Cornwall, with over 20 years of experience in sales, service and rental of construction machinery, immediately recognised the potential of endless rotation and is currently using all channels to promote the RotoTop in England.

In addition to various social media posts, a job story has now appeared in the magazine of the internationally active platform "Awesome Earthmovers" about a young, dynamically growing earthmoving company, Porteous Groundworks, which is currently building up its fleet of machines and runs a RotoTop as fixed attachment on the brand new, 24 ton- Hidromek. The excavator is also equipped with a Leica control system, so that managing director and owner Ben Porteous can operate his new machine with maximum efficiency. Due to their perfect interaction he benefits from both the possibilities of endless rotation and the control system. His enthusiasm for the way the RotoTop works is more than evident.

English entrepreneur wanted to make buckets rotatable

The magazine "Earthmovers" also wrote about Adam Gilbert, who is now one of the first British customers of the Holp dealer MPS Soutwest and part of the "Holp Revolution". In this article, one learns that Adam Gilbert, who is portrayed there, had already made preliminary considerations for the development of his own rotary drive: He had often thought about how one could manage to rotate the bucket - and thus save time and employees. Gilbert is now happy to have found and bought Holp's RotoTop, which now reliably brings him these savings - for him, the new way of working means a real revolution.

Jason McCullough and his customers are convinced in the first job reports that these examples will continue to interest more potential users and that the RotoTop is the easiest way to save time and costs and thus significantly increase the profitability on English construction sites which means at the same time more earnings for the contractor.