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Holp Revolution proceeds quickly

Murrhardt-Fornsbach, 31.01.2024


Jason McCullough convinced a lot of customers in a very short time

MPS Southwest Ltd. is a family owned business located in Mid-Cornwall that works throughout the southwest of England. With mobile engineers MPS provides service wherever it is needed and delivers spare parts for construction machines. With more than 30 years of experience in the business, Jason McCullough, director of the company also sells construction machinery within the region, and since spring of 2023 – the rotary drive from Holp. After first spotting the RotoTop at bauma 2022, he quickly got in touch with Holp, travelled to Germany and tested himself: “Within two or three days every machine operator is able to work with the RotoTop and make use of all the advantages.” Jason became the first distributor of the product in the UK, sells now in England and Wales and made a big success of it.

Jason has been able to convince customers in construction, landscaping and forestry very quickly. He showed videos, explained the way pure rotation is working and used demo machines. “Rotation is basically all you need.” A lot of customers understood within short time the main advantages of working with the RotoTop: Endless rotation enables greatest flexibility for the machine operator and saves manual work on site, at the same time the rotary drive is a lightweight which doesn’t reduce the power of the excavator. This way, Jason generated what was quickly called the “Holp Revolution”. His customers started to call it this name, because the RotoTop changed their way of working with an excavator a lot: Less time, less fuel, less manual work was needed and at the same time: more work was done in the same time, more productivity and thus more earnings on a job achieved.

Satisfied customers: better workflow, less groundwork

One of the first customers has been Adam Gilbert, who shortly after the purchase of his

Rototop said: “It took a bit of getting used to it, but now I wouldn’t want to be without it. The benefits are unbelievable, e.g. RotoTop decreases labour for the groundworkers considerably. The use of RotoTop leads to massive improvements for the workflow on site.” Before Adam Gilbert discovered the RotoTop he has been already thinking for a long time about a way to turn the bucket and was about to crafting a rotary joint to a bucket.

Mark form M.E. Coad has been looking out for quite a long time to find a cost-effective attachment to increase productivity on site, before he found the RotoTop which he quickly ordered for his Kubota X080. After one day of use he was fine with all changes the RotoTop brought to his work as machine operator and found out about the incredible flexibility: “I could do so many things around manholes from one place without moving the machine and was also able to dig under services with ease.” An important thing to him was that all of his attachments would still fit and be rotatable as well. Only a few weeks later, Mark ordered a second RotoTop RT.201 to give his Case CS130 all the possibilities to increase its workflow. With many future projects secured this team is now able to complete tasks without the need for so much labour on the ground and within less time.

Only a few weeks after Porteous Groundworks Ltd. had received the first RotoTop which has been fixed to their brand-new 20-tons-excavator, they ordered a another one, just recently an RT.092 has been fitted to their brand-new Takeuchi TB 290-2. The company and its director Ben Porteous have experienced that a RotoTop ensures a significantly better machine utilization because it makes all attachments endlessly rotate and thus versatile. For this reason, an excavator can literally do everything: earthwork, laying stones, material handling, etc. What’s more: Other machines such as wheel loaders or forklifts are hardly needed anymore.

RotoTop – best choice regarding costs

Matter of fact for Jason McCullough after nearly one year of dealing with the RotoTop and the feedback of his customers is: “Together we managed to start a real revolution on building sites in the UK: It is a real revolution towards more efficiency, less manual groundwork and thus more satisfied employees which create more value in less time. Because pure rotation is all you need.”

Also, Jason shares his experience concerning the financial aspect: “With the costs of the alternative options available being so expensive and the need to purchase new buckets or hangers then there’s the running costs of repair and maintenance, I believe RotoTop is the future. Simple is often better and being manufactured in Germany you are guaranteed high-quality components. Having crafted the future for the RotoTop in the UK and Ireland, with just a little more brand awareness and our right attitude we can achieve great things with our dealer networks.”