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We have the DNA of an excavator operator and think like entrepreneurs.


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Our innovative developments have been setting standards worldwide: Not only do we know the market, but we also actively shape it.


Our in-house developed rotary drives, buckets and grapples, as well as rotary quick-couplers for excavators and quick-couplers for cranes are true game-changers in the construction industry, forestry, gardening and landscaping.
Our tools and machines convince through their high performance as well as above-average quality and reliability. The high quality of our products shows in their robustness and special durability for which we give extensive warranties.


We only develop products if they lead to an average performance increase of at least 25%. They always make work easier right from the start and thus contribute to increasing your productivity and cost-effectiveness: We have the DNA of an excavator operator and think like entrepreneurs at the same time.


Our MultiGrip® bucket has a strong grip on everything: Loads are not transported between its teeth but rather in the bucket. This bucket offers numerous gripping possibilities due to the thumb principle. By using this tool you can do work which otherwise makes other equipment such as a grapple necessary.

The RotoTop® allows any attachment tool mounted on to excavators and forestry equipment to be rotated limitlessly (360°), rendering any construction site processes more efficient. Many of its design features - such as its extreme robustness, the big rotary joints ensuring large oil quantities for the attachment tool as well as its low construction height - are unique in the market. Both abroad and within Germany, the RotoTop® has been on the path to success for many years. It is often rigidly mounted when used and ensures increasing profitability for numerous entrepreneurs and companies.

Our light-weight ProfilLöffel®  bucket causes both excavator operators and entrepreneurs to be enthusiastic simply by making easy and yet precise work possible: This robust bucket with its straight cutting edge forms a brilliant time-saving combination with our rotary drive RotoTop® : Deadline and cost pressures can be minimised in this way.

Due to its rectangular and v-shaped design, our VarioLöffel® bucket is the most flexible and universal bucket in the market: Both its work openings (featuring different shapes) make for innumerable possibilities and enormous performance increases together with limitless 360° rotation. To achieve this, our RotoTop® rotary drive can be directly mounted on to it.

Our philosophy results from the experience that rotation makes for 90-95 percent of an excavator’s movement capacity. For the special cases in which this is not sufficient, we offer our RotoX® without cylinder. This tool closes this gap by providing a better view and a larger swivel angle.

The QuickOn® tongs make it possible to quickly change attachment tools by easy coupling. They prevent damaging of the coupling. The durability of couplings is greatly increased by proper coupling (no use of a hammer) with our QuickOn® tongs.

KranFix® ensures that a forest crane, originally only equipped for tongs, becomes a flexible tool carrier versatile in use: Easy and quick changing of swinging and rigidly mounted tools on the crane is made possible so that a multitude of different tasks can be performed with this crane.


“Those who stop are already falling behind.” Even if such sayings are extensively used, this particular one is especially true for Holp GmbH. Günter Holp began in earthworks with just three employees. All of his product developments are based on personal experience and the continuous strive to make work processes easier, faster and more efficient. For excavator operators in their daily work, but also, and above all, for entrepreneurs facing enormous time and cost pressures and who have to complete their jobs as efficiently as possible.

Managing director Günter Holp leads a team of about 30 employees today, but in his heart he still feels like an excavator operator, which influences all the decision making and developments. Even though the boss nowadays only gets the chance to sit on the excavator during training courses or occasional construction work, he makes sure that he never loses touch. He placed sales in the hands of his co-managing director and continues to be very intensively involved in product development. Then as now, the motto for him and his team is: “We don’t want to be the biggest, but rather the best.“

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