The Reliable All-Purpose Bucket
Lends Your Excavator Some Flexibility

Designed to clean ditches and work side-strips
Undoubtedly the most universal excavator bucket due to its two work openings
5 sizes with operating weights ranging from 2 to 25 t

Our VARIOLÖFFEL® bucket with its two work openings (which are different in shape)
greatly benefits from its 360° rotation. To achieve this, our ROTOTOP® rotary drive can be directly mounted on to it. It is essentially more economical to purchase the rigid VARIOLÖFFEL® and then operate it with a rotary quick-coupler. For direct mounting on to the excavator, our robust rotary drive ROTOTOP®with all its variants is a suitable choice. Using the latter, ALL attachment tools can be rotated at 360°.

Robust - light-weight - durable - high-performance

The VARIOLÖFFEL® is entirely made of Hardox and therefore extremely robust and wear-resistant. Due to its v-shaped design, the VARIOLÖFFEL® is a true light weight when compared to other flexible excavator buckets..

Our VARIOLÖFFEL® helps you save manual labour. It is used in all trades whenever the conventional bucket has reached its limits.

When cleaning ditches, VARIOLÖFFEL® is simply unbeatable. It achieves a ten-fold performance boost when directly compared to a rotatable ditch cleaning bucket. Here, we are talking about a performance of up to 10,000 r.m. per day (10 operating hours)

In this way, our VARIOLÖFFEL® will pay off in just a few days when cleaning ditches.)

In combination with our KRANFIX®, the VARIOLÖFFEL® can also be used with forestry cranes.



Great versatility in its operations - quick pay-off

Our patent-protected VARIOLÖFFEL® is undoubtedly the most flexible excavator bucket on the market. The VARIOLÖFFEL® makes the use of excavators ranging from 2.0 to 25 tonnes and other machines such as multi-purpose or forestry equipment more versatile and thus more economical. Used in excavation and sewer construction, gardening and landscaping or roadmaking, the VARIOLÖFFEL® enables you to work quickly and with flexibility in all sorts of situations. This is due to its two different work openings (v-shaped and rectangular), its special v-shape and the rounded bottom, as well as its 360° rotation. It may therefore replace some attachment tools in foresting, landscaping, and road-building which may, in this way, also cut costs for their transport.

Even in the tightest of construction sites it is possible to work in all directions with great flexibility and to reach every corner without moving the machine.

When compared to the trench cutting machine and the rotatable ditch cleaning bucket, the VARIOLÖFFEL® causes no small creatures to be squashed and the trench bottom has a smaller radius. Our VARIOLÖFFEL® thus helps preserve flora and fauna and its shape limits the excavation volume. Furthermore, the round bottom causes an optimal profile to be cut when towed and, by compacting, increases the durability of the banks.

A New Perspective

As our VARIOLÖFFEL® features two work openings, this opens up the possibility to get a diagonal view from one work opening to the other. Thus enabling operations alongside obstacles, such as kerbs, walls and pipes, without damaging them.

The v-shaped opening allows for high-precision filling. Its sides and the rounded bottom make for perfect levelling and compacting of areas in no time. Moving trees, positioning rocks, cutting ditches, laying pipes - there is simply no mode of operation which is not mastered with great skill by our VARIOLÖFFEL® Owing to its versatility, it is possible to replace several attachment tools by it and also save the time required for changes.


  • Flexibility at narrow construction sites
  • Any corner can be reached due to rotatability and v-shape
  • Precompaction when laying gravel by using sides or rounded bottom
  • There is no angle at which you can't work
  • By swivelling, the rounded bottom makes levelling possible

Sewer Construction:

  • Precise dumping of sand during pipe and cable laying
  • Back-filling of drains and sewers
  • Saves time digging drainage trenches etc. when dragged
  • Material savings due to its v-shape in combination with the rounded bottom

Gardening and Landscaping:

  • Moving trees / bushes etc. possible due to protruding tip
  • Laying stones
  • Saves time modelling outdoor facilities and applying a layer of humus
  • Ideal for pond construction. Possible to work at any angle and in the most confined spaces
  • The large surfaces of the sides are optimal for precompacting soft materials


  • Placing and stripping of verges and embankments
  • Construction and drainage of paths and roads
  • Precise dumping and filling (when placing kerbstones e.g. concrete)
  • Construction of roadside ditches
  • Laying pipes

Communities or forestry:

  • Digging and cleaning of ditches incl. inlets and outlets of water passages
  • Construction and drainage of machine roads
  • Stripping of ditches and verges when used in a dragging manner
  • Excavate potholes in water-bound ways and precise back-filling



Our VARIOLÖFFEL® may be used for a number of applications, not only for ditch cleaning when towed, stripping of shoulders and banks.

VARIOLÖFFEL® Advantages at a Glance

  • Two work openings
  • 360° hydraulically rotatable
  • Robust building design
  • Minimal weight
  • High-quality materials
  • Rounded bottom
  • Large surfaces
  • All-round usability!

Some convincing advantages:

  • High performance
  • Minimal manual labour
  • Clean operation
  • Precise dumping and filling due to its v-shaped opening
  • Additional load factor for the machines ranging from 2.2 to 25 tonnes
  • Immense ditch cleaning performance when towed
  • Performance boost of more than 500% possible

Possible carrier machines:

  • Excavators ranging from 2 to 25 tonnes, from Atlas to Zeppelin
  • Mobile and crawler excavators
  • General-purpose machines (seat turnable or two-man operated)
  • Tractors with built-on excavator (e.g. Fendt with Huber excavator)
  • Forestry equipment with skidding crane (in combination with the Holp quick-coupling kinematics)

5 standard sizes Available with 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 / 700 litres holding capacity

Also available in special sizes!

Standard: 54° slope angle - If desired, also available with 61° or 45° slope angles

Daily output when ditch cleaning:

  • 700 litres VL 2,000 - 10,000 r.m.
  • 400 litres VL 1,500 - 7,000 r.m.
  • 200 litres VL 750 - 4,000 r.m.
  • 100 litres VL 300 - 2,000 r.m.