In Top Form for Rotation
Optimal for Filling, Dumping + Levelling

Designed for rotary quick-couplers
Backhoe with special characteristics
8 sizes for operating weights ranging from 0.8 to 22 t

The diverse tasks in the fields of excavation, gardening and landscaping require truly optimal equipment which brings about many profitable advantages. Combine both our rotary drive ROTOTOP® and the PROFILLÖFFEL® and operate in an immensely flexible, precise and powerful way. Profiling, modelling and stripping can be performed in a single work flow. This is what gets your excavator operating at its best. Valuable working time can be saved!

The ingenious design with its sloped sides allows you to operate in close proximity to walls and boundaries.
Due to its special bucket shape featuring a protruding cutting edge, a vast amount of soil can be picked up without pressing it into the bucket. This leaves the bucket devoid of any compacted soil residues. This in turn increases capacity.

The top-most manufacturing and material quality (the bucket is made entirely of HARDOX) ensure operation reliability and great durability.
When combined with a rotary quick-coupler, you have the optimal levelling equipment at your hands. Levelling operations are carried out by backwards or sideways pulling of the bucket. Together with the excavator’s rotation, this allows to level a much larger area in just one work step.



The PROFILLÖFFEL®’s efficient and easy handling inspires both excavator operators and entrepreneurs. This robust bucket with its straight cutting edge after all forms a brilliant time-saving combination with our rotary drive ROTOTOP®. Pressure resulting from deadlines and costs can thus be distinctly lowered.

Thought through - Versatile in its use

Our rotary drive ROTOTOP® teams up with the excavator’s own bucket kinematics, thus allowing the PROFILLÖFFEL® to reach each and every operating position. Profiling, modelling and stripping can then be performed in just one work step. Due to its special bucket shape a vast amount of soil can be picked up without pressing it into the bucket. This proves especially beneficial while dumping, as no soil remains in the bucket, which helps save energy (diesel).

Possible fields of application for our PROFILLÖFFEL®:

  • Excavation
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Roadmaking
  • Communities or forestry

Some convincing advantages:

  • Great working speed
  • GGreat efficiency
  • GCapacity increase
  • GEasy handling
  • GPrecise operations


The advantages of the PROFILLÖFFEL® at a glance:

  • Optimised design - far-protruding bottom
  • Large capacity - soil is not pressed into the bucket
  • Optimal dumping - less compacted soil remains in the bucket
  • Slanted corners - no damage to walls and boundaries
  • High-quality material components - bucket made of HARDOX
  • Wear-resistant

Possible Carrier Machines:

  • Excavators with an operating weight ranging from 0.8 to 22 t