Our Quick-Coupler for Forest Cranes
Exchange Tools Quickly and Easily

Designed to make your crane more flexible
Thanks to linkage, professional ditch cleaning is possible
Suitable for all common crane types

KRANFIX® is the only quick-coupler for cranes where the tool is firmly attached to the crane. KRANFIX® allows quick and easy mounting of swinging or fixed mounted tools. This makes your carrier machine much more flexible, saves time and helps you make optimal use of your crane. Heavily reduced idle times of your carrier machine give you a fast pay-off. With the help of our quick-coupler linkage, your crane turns fully multifunctional. A whole new range of possible applications opens up for your machine!

Exchanging your attachment tools can be done by one person in less than 3 minutes without any external help. While exchanging, the tool is simply fitted onto the changer cartridge's upper bolt. By lifting the excavator's boom, the tool will automatically pivot into the matching catch and must only be latched there.

For a quick exchange of tools such as

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Easy Mounting
  • Optimal use of your machine
  • Save time when exchanging
  • Retrofitting without external help
  • Great flexibility
  • Affordable purchase
  • Quick and easy mounting of grapple and linkage
  • Quick tool exchange
  • Simple operation

With the quick-coupler linkage:

  • Considerably extends your carrier machine’s field of application
  • Turns your crane into a midi-excavator (for use with a dragline bucket, e.g. VARIOLÖFFEL®)


Our KRANFIX® turns your crane into a proper all-rounder:

Swinging tools can be picked up with the changer cartridge:

  • Wood tongs
  • Harvester head
  • Processors
  • Grapples
  • Crane hooks
  • Brush grapples
  • Hydraulic drills

The two-point mounting device allows extensions to be attached:

  • Quick-coupler linkage (excavator arm)
  • Extension arm with crane hooks
  • Workman basket

The fixedly mounted quick-coupler linkage makes it possible to attach the following tools:

  • Mowing basket
  • Mulcher
  • Branch cutter
  • Grapple saw



Easy mounting:

Simply slide KRANFIX® over the crane boom tip, bolt it in place and additionally attach to the top where minor welding might be required. Total retrofitting time of about 5 hours.

In the case of an Epsilon crane with internal hosing, retrofitting is slightly more time-consuming. Approx. 2-3 hours of extra mounting time are required. This is due to the internally-located couplings. Retrofitting thus requires more effort. An advantage is, however, that nothing sticks out at the crane’s front.

Mode of operation of our patented quick-coupler

The quick-coupler hitches into the upper anchor of the changer cartridge or linkage. Lifting the arm causes the tool to swivel into position down in the half shells taking advantage of its own weight. All that is left to do is to manually close the locking hook in order to establish a fixed connection between crane and tool.

Simple tool exchange with our quick-coupler:

  1. Loosen hydraulic hoses with our QUICK ON® tongs or a lever
  2. Open locking hooks
  3. Unhitch tool 1
  4. Hitch tool 2
  5. Close locking hooks
  6. Tighten hydraulic hoses with our QUICK ON® tongs or a lever