Never Get Stressed Out Anymore
And Protect the Environment

One pair of tongs for all types of couplings
For all machines and all common couplings
Connect in all positions and at any temperature

Problems that everyone who has to do with hydraulic couplings is aware of.

The operator properly relieves the load of the machine in order to change the tool. If they decide to loosen the coupling two minutes later, the situation is such that yet again so much dynamic pressure has built up that it is impossible to manually separate the coupling.

Of course the same is true when connecting. This is made even more difficult by the fact that the attachment tool’s hoses are exposed to weather influences, such as the sun and frost.

A relatively small dynamic pressure is enough to make it impossible to manually couple even the best of couplings. Sometimes coupling is rendered more difficult only by unfavourable height, position, etc. of the coupling.

Our patented QUICK ON® tongs make it possible to connect and disconnect all hydraulic couplings even under high residual pressure - even far beyond 100 bar. The tongs are easy to handle and, thanks to their optimal linear guiding, enable coupling procedures without the use of great force with all common plug-in coupling sizes and makes.

Due to the increased opening width of up to 310 mm, even very large couplings are no problem for our QUICK ON® tongs. The gripping adapter for small couplings is even easier to attach thanks to the new plug-in and screw connection. The latest version of the gripping adapter features a rounded inner profile which further improves its fit on couplings and compression couplings. Any sideslips are thus virtually impossible.

Compare the costs for defective couplings plus the corresponding costs for mounting and demounting at your construction site with the purchasing price - and don't forget to include the costs for your machine's idle times.

Environmentally Friendly!

Oil leaks and the corresponding ground pollution are history when using our QUICK ON® tongs. Versatile use with gripping adapters!



Our robust QUICK ON® tongs with their forged grip plates can be continuously varied in their length. Unproblematic coupling in the most confined areas is possible and the tongs reliably prevent damages to the coupling without releasing the pressure and thus without the danger of oil leakages. The durability of couplings is greatly increased by proper coupling with our QUICK ON® tongs.

We connect...

  • stress-free
  • In every position
  • At any temperature
  • Totally effortless

We Have Achieved an Increased Durability for Our Couplings

Our QUICK ON® tongs make it possible to connect and disconnect hydraulic couplings even under high residual pressure. The patented design is simple and easy to operate. The durability of the couplings and plugs is remarkably increased. Due to the optimal linear guiding, coupling processes can be effortlessly performed for all common sizes of couplings and makes.

Our QUICK ON® tongs are used with:

  • Construction machinery
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Forestry equipment
  • Special equipment

... Everywhere where plug-in couplings are used!!

The QUICK ON® tongs are a MUST in any workshop and of course in any service vehicle.

Hint: Even screw couplings can be released with our QUICK ON® tongs and then easily turned manually.



The Gripping Adapter for Small Machinery

All QUICK ON® tongs are delivered with gripping adapters made of sturdy 3mm fine-grained steel. The gripping adapter is simply attached to the QUICK ON® tongs’ grip plates with a screw. The v-shaped opening with its width of 19 - 36 mm finds room between even the smallest couplings and thus makes it possible to connect small couplings under pressure as well. This makes our QUICK ON® tongs interesting for use with mini excavators.

When encountering large couplings and fittings, the adapter is simply unscrewed and removed. If you encounter small and large couplings in one machine, it is also possible to simply plug in the grapple adapters. Thus, they can be easily exchanged.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Robust building design
  • Connection with more than 100 bar possible
  • Optimal linear guiding of the couplings
  • Increases the durability of the couplings
  • One tool for all coupling sizes and makes
  • Suitable for all plug-in couplings
  • Easy to operate
  • Enormous time-savings
  • Utilization in tightest spatial conditions
  • Gripping adapter, 3mm x 19-36
  • Opening width of more than 310mm
  • Quick pay-off